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Pool and Snooker
Pool and Snooker
Windsor Pool Table
Majestic Pool Table
Avant Garde 2.0 Pool Table
Fusion Pool Table
The Milano Pool Table
The Dolce Pool Table
The Boardroom Pool Table
Le Lambert Pool Table
Matching Benches for Pool Table
Pool and Snooker
AS Vapour

Dining Room Pool Tables

Price from £879.99

The Windsor
From £879.99

From £959.99

Avant Garde 2.0
From £939.99

From £1,099.99

The Milano
From £1,994.99

The Dolce
From £1,994.99

The Boardroom
From £4,794.99

Le lambert
From £6,394.99

From £350.00

For more information visit call us on 01462 414255 or visit us in Shefford, Bedfordshire to view a selection of tables.